Learn  how to trust and follow your intuition so that you can find or follow your purpose


My 4 months programme gives you the tools to always be able to manifest your vision.

In those 4 month we will meet every week for an hour

(with 2 weeks of implementation where there will be no sessions so you can catch up) 

This journey has been developed to give you the tools to reconnect you to your inner self and who you really are and teach how to always trust you, your intuition,

so that you can feel confident to make your own decisions.

You will learn what are your colours and their characteristics so that you'll be able to manage yourself and use the power of colours in every situation.

We will be working with the energy of the chakras, crystals so to have a complete guide to help you learn what is stopping you.

What are the stories you are telling yourself?
Are those stories coming fears, limiting beliefs that are yours?


In all those years studying I have learnt and experienced personally that

we carry on our family and ancestors’ stories.
They have an energy and a weight that often times we do not know

is affecting us and how is affecting us, that’s why we might feel stuck or

unable to manifest what we want.

Going through those stories will help you understand how you get trigger

and what is holding you back, allowing you to finally

release those energies and fears.

Learning about yourself and your family will allow your inner child healing and

therefore you will no longer be triggered by certain situations or,

you will be able to recognise what’s happening and move on.

You will be amazed how free you will feel and

how your energy and things will shift for you after.


You will feel free to and allowed to dream and work towards


You will set goals that are aligned to your core values so that

you will always be ALIGNED to your TRUE SELF.


Alignment is the key to manifesting and that's what I will be guiding you towards.


I work intuitively, I feel into you so my programme is tailored based on you and

what you are going through in the 4 months we will be working together.

The secret formula is the alchemy that will happen between the 2 of us.

I am committed to help you though your journey with everything I have learned

and experienced and you are committed to do the work required

to become the goddess that you are.


Through the coaching programme, you will regain your inner power.
Our work together will be intense at times but I will guide you intuitively and creatively using tools

and techniques tailored on you so that you will feel supported.

If you are ready to take your power back and manifest your vision,

click the button below and book a clarity call with me!

At the end of our programme YOU WILL :

  • feel clearer on your path

  • have a clear understanding of you really are and what you want

  • be able to communicate in a way that reflects your soul and allows you to feel safe and secure in your own skin.

  • feel confident in making decisions that are aligned to your soul

  • take empowered and confident actions towards your vision 

  • have a process in place to manifest your dreams

  • be always aligned to your core values

  • learn to use colours to stay aligned

  • use your creativity as a tool to manifestation

  • feel free and at peace with yourself and your surrounding

  • know how to manage and channel your emotions

Prepare yourself to manifest your vision



The programme includes:

14 sessions of 1 hour each week

with 2 weeks break for you to catch up

- a complementary

colour reading

- a personalised guided meditation

- 1 numerology reading with a professional numerologist

- 1 follow up coaching session 

Total cost of

4 months programme:

The full cost of the programme is:


with BEST VALUE option saving 5%

when paying upfront.

Monthly instalments available.

£520 per month for 6 months,

 if you enrolled by the 10th December

£875 per months for 4 month,

if you enrolled after the 11th December

Your lovely words

Vanessa Wozcniaki 

Portrait Photographer

I started my journey with Mara when I felt I needed to be more focused on my creative career. She helped me turn what I daydreamed about into goals and then work towards my goals.

Fast forward 3 months and I didn’t feel like a failure anymore, I felt I was in the right path.

Mara will bring inspiration to your talks and her positive energy to your life.

I loved working with her and recommend her 100%.

©2018 by Mara Marchesi