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Find the best

coaching package 

for You!

All packages have the aim to help you understand how your intuition connects with you so that  you can learn to trust it and manifest your vision, while doing inner works and remove what is holding you back so that you can manifest your inner wealth


8 or 12 Weeks healing and coaching programme

This 8 or 12 weeks programme (depending on your needs) has the intention to free you from any emotional and energetic blocks that are currently still in your aura and that are stopping you from manifest your inner wealth.

Inner wealth is being able to manifest what you desire, being that money, a fulfilling career, a life that makes you happy being aligned in all aspect of your life. Emotionally, energetically, spiritually and physically.

You might want to level up in your career or scale your business but things don't seem to work out as you wish.

Your relationships are affecting you but you can't figure out how to be yourself and follow your dreams without feeling bad about it or guilty for it.

You know your power but you feel you need to dim your light, you feel unsafe, you feel disconnected and you want to change all this.



  • struggle to connect to your intuition, you don’t know when you do or you don’t think you can connect when you want

  • can’t seem to be able to trust the messages you receive but you known that when you don’t things don’t go as

  • they should or you feel bad

  • want to understand how your intuition communicates with you

  • have been pushing away dealing with emotional wounds from the past and energetic attachments to avoid the pain but now you feel it’s time to take back your power and you need guidance

  • are on a spiritual journey and you understand the importance of releasing emotional and energetic blockages

  • so that you can level up

  • want to be able to manifest wealth in all its forms (physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional)

  • want a career that fulfills you where you enjoy while

  • helping others

  • want to feel free, safe and confident to express yourself and shine your light without worrying about others opinions,

  • especially family and friends

  • you are at a crossroad in life and feel a bit lost and confused

  •  about the direction to take

  • want to feel empowered and free to make decisions that are in alignment to your life purpose

  • are ready to change your life and invest in yourself



This package is a mix of readings and coaching. We will look at the messages that your spirit guides want you to hear. The insights provided will give you the information you need for whatever you are asking about. You can follow the messages of your guides and understand how you can take a step forward in your life and make changes accordingly.

Total of 6 sessions.

Ad hoc packages are also available.

Your lovely words

Tiffany headshot.png

Tiffany Chenoweth

@artiffact - USA

Our session was illuminating.

If you are intrigued by the sound of a color therapy session, that is your intuition telling you to do it! You will spend the rest of the day feeling so light and inspired to paint your life with the magic of your own unique colors. I'm happy my intuition led me to doing a session with Mara because now I have clarity on a set of colors that work best with me. On top of that, she helped me to feel a balance of being both grounded and free as a butterfly, and even more deeply connected to my inner knowing.

I can see why she is called the Intuition Queen!

After our session, I felt so deeply connected to my intuition, because Mara made it so easy to tap into myself to find the answers that I need. As a multi-passionate person, it can be difficult to find creative guidance when so much sparks me, but Mara helped me settle to tune into my intuition and

discover colors that will work with me.

I felt light the rest of the day, taking special note of my colors and being inspired to create from there!

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