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I have always been a free spirit, but often felt limited and restricted

I grew up in a family with lack mindset, where the sentences I heard the most were something like: "money don't grow on trees",

"we can't afford it", "you need to find a good job and make sure you keep it", "dreaming doesn't make you money" .

When I started working, I started having issues with self-esteem - although you wouldn't think so -  and money mindset.

I pretty much always struggled to make money, it didn't matter what position I was in.

I've always had this inner knowing that my life would be better. I have always been a dreamer, with big dreams long before I knew what self development, setting goals and the law of attraction were. Add to the equation that I'm an emphath and I feel people's energies and emotions, and you can imagine the challenges of wanting to fight those limiting beliefs and people that wanted me to stay in their box..

I hated being controlled or forced into doing things I didn't want to do but this is what I had to get used to having a narcissistic mum. 

I learnt to dim my light or control myself in order to avoid fighting with her for no reason, or avoid being blamed for things I hadn't done. My surviving mechanism was to escape and try to not be seen, but that was really difficult because when I feel good I am naturally very charismatic ( my colour chart and human design will show that) and this was very tricky.

I grew up thinking that in order for me to achieve what I wanted I had to work hard and struggle

because it had always been like that for me, nothing ever came easily.

I used to change job often, because of the toxic environments or simply because I was offered better.

That created unnecessary fights at home because for my parents you had to stick with it.

I never believed that was true and I eventually stopped telling them about it.

I overcame so many limitations, learnt about my traumas and how all of those limitations affected the choices

I made in my business,  with money, with strategy and relationships.

Your intuition is a powerful tool but if you don't know the difference between fear and intuition,

you'll go in the opposite direction to the one you are supposed to be going.

This is why I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, and people in general, understanding themselves, learning about their unique blueprint and release blockages, so they can be free to be authentic and naturally attract what they desire..

This is my story and I know how the way I grew up affected me in my adult life, especially when I started my business.

I managed to change my life understanding who I am, how I function and going deep into healing, to finally feel free and that's what I want to help you with.

Are you ready to change your life?


“Each of us is born with a life purpose, identifying, acknowledging and
honouring this purpose, is perhaps the most important action successful people take”


Reading The Secret when I moved to London opened up a world I didn't know about but that I needed so much!

My life changed, I started following all those motivational speakers and do what they were saying.

I was so blown away by the fact that I was manifesting, that I was slowly changing my life in a better way that I started suggesting those tools to others, and without realising I became, as many people used to tell me, "the person to talk with in order to feel better".

Helping others made me so happy!

It wasn't until a few friends started suggesting I became a Life Coach that I realised that

actually,  that would have been just the most amazing and perfect job for me. 

My wake up calls

I consider my move to London the first wake up call for me.

Living in London allowed me to learn to understand who I was without the interference of my family or other people that knew me and that could "suggest", "help", "give direction", or "make me second guess myself".

I had already followed my intuition in many occasions but now that I was alone that was my only guidance and I am so grateful because it taught me to trust it in a way that I would have never been able to do had I stayed in Italy.

In those years I learnt about self development and really dove deep into spirituality and I soaked it all in, took courses, had sessions of any kind, read books, attended seminars and workshops and so on.

Initially it was for myself, with the dream of one day using it to help others.

The second wake up call was in 2015 when my dad passed away.

His passing broke me and scared me. 

I realised that I had no time to waste, things can change in a day and I had to make my dreams come true now!

It was time to take action and start getting into my purpose, becoming a coach and eventually realising I am also a healer.

Over the years I work so much on myself and I started diving deep into some practices like crystals healing, ancestral and inner child healing, reiki and so many more that I incorporate in my work with clients, based on their needs.


There one particular practise that have also spoken to deeply to me, and that's colours.

Colour is my soul's language.

Colours are energies and they interact with your energy field, depending on what's going on. 

During a colour therapy session I will read your colour chart (we are all born with 2 to 4 colours and they all have a specific meaning related to you, your energies your talents, your fears and limitations, your direction in life) explaining what is the meaning of each colours and in doing so I will tune into your energy and channel messages related to what is blocking you, providing insights on how to release them and move forward.

I then became a Human Design Reader because I realised it was an amazing and complementary practice

to colour therapy.

Human Design is a practice that combines different philosophies, and it offers a map, or a manual, that indicates

how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a way that is in sync with who you are.

It's centered around the division of personalities into five energy types which help you to understand

how you exchange energy with the world, how you receive energy and how you can use your energy

in a way that is aligned to you, to your soul.

In learning about it, I realised that Color Therapy and Human Design both explain how you function energetically and emotionally,  what are your strengths and your weaknesses and how you can best use your energies to move forward. The amazing thing is that  this is based on your own personal energies,

not someone else's blueprint.

They both help you receiving confirmation and providing a strategy to be in flow

and understand where you need to do inner work in order to release what's keeping you stuck,

or just follow a personal strategy in order to be in synch with your natural self, rather then doing

what other people do because they get results. 

It doesn't matter your background, how much money you have, where you come from.

We have all followed a path that we thought was the right one but, for most of us, that path didn't involve

understanding ourselves deeper, it only involved taking actions to have a certain career or a certain life style. 

This is why, at some point, people feel stuck, not aligned, like there is something else they can and want to do but with that understanding, also all the fears and limiting beliefs come up. 

You might be at the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur or, you might be a seasoned and very successful one,

but I am sure in many occasions you made choices based on "should", "what the experts told you to do", or otherwise,

that brought you to not feeling aligned, or that in the long run felt heavy, a mistake.

That's ok, we all do what we can with what we have.

This is why I believe that knowing yourself is how you release limitations and create life at your own terms,

because nobody can know you better than you!

All you need is wanting to understand more of you, so that you can better your life professionally and personally. 

My mission is to help entrepreneurs, to free themselves from all limitations:  

be that mindset, emotional and energetic wounds or anything else that might keep them stuck.

I believe that we are all here to create something magnificent, and if you have a vision for yourself and others

but somehow something is not working, I want you to know that it's not because you're not good enough

or what you're doing is not for you. You're amazing as you are!

You only need to learn to understand who you truly are at the core, without all the layers of limitations that have been put upon yourself by family, society, religion and yourself, understand how you function, heal some old wounds and release fears, so that you can see and believe in you again, or continue to do it more powerfully.  

I've done this for myself and I want to help you free yourself too.

We need visionaries, dreamers and people that want to better this world and there is no better place to start than

your own self, to truly transform the collective. We're here to heal, rise, and enjoy our time on earth. 

I hope I fired you up! If I did, let's chat!

Are you ready to free yourself and live in your flow of natural abundance?

Dandelion Leaves

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