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Want me to speak

at your next event?

I love sharing my knowledge and experience.
If I can inspire even just one person to take action, I know I have done my job.



I'll be glad to join your event and share my experience there!

Sharing my experience, my expertise and my knowledge lights me up

and it's the most powerful and impactful way to touch people's life.

I have been in awe of many speakers over the years, their stories, 

their messages helped me take action and change my life, make my dreams come true.

If you want me to speak at your virtual or in person event, be a guest on your podcast or any other platform, I'd love to.

Read below for more info.

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss details just cli message me clicking the button below

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I love sharing my knowledge and experience.

If I can inspire even just one person to take action, I know I have done my job.


I can talk about:


- What is color therapy and how to use it

- The importance of doing shadow works

- Releasing mental, emotional and energetic block

- How having narcisistic parents can influence you in your business and life and how to heal 

- How to connect and trust your intuition 

- Why so many women cannot stand orange and what does that mean

- The importance of allowing your creative and sexual energy free

- What does your Human Design profile says about you and how to combine it with color therapy to release blockages and make the right decisions in your life and business

- Releasing old fears and the reason why you don't want to be seen, shine your light

- The connection between our blocks and our family stories

- The connection between physical pain and repressed emotions

- Why colours can help you feel better and shift your life

- How to raise your vibrations and stay in the right energy to manifest your vision

- so much more

My passion is to help women stop feeling sorry and unvalued.

We can all live a fulfilled and happy life, feel free to be who we are and help others.


My mission is to help women understand that they have everything they need within them, once they understand that,

they learn the tools right for each of them,

they will become unstoppable.

We need women that lead with power, love, compassion, confidence and leadership.

That comes from within!


I have struggled for most of my life with lack mindset and feeling not good enough and my life changed when I learnt that I can change my life because I am enough, I am capable,

I am powerful.

If I could do that, you can do too!

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