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My name is Mara Marchesi but when I work everybody calls me 

The Intuition Queen!

I am an Intuitive & Creative Coach, Color therapy specialist, healer, podcaster and speaker.

Trust your Intuition &
build the free, sexy, fulfilling life you desire,
with colour therapy and other energy techniques.

I have a very specific mission in this life time:

to help as many people as possible, especially women or identifying as such, to learn to trust their intuition.


The reason? 

Because trusting your intuition simply means being able to trust yourself and  live your truth. 


I don’t know about you but, I am honestly fed up to hear what I should or shouldn’t, be,

behave, like, do and so on, from other people or society.

I didn’t come to this world to be told how to live my life based on someone else’s fears or opinions.

I’m sure that neither did you.


I know I’m here to break the chain of ancestral pain and help myself and other women, or identifying as such,

to live their lives at their own terms, authentically, unapologetically.


Helping you to trust your intuition is at the core of what I do, together with helping you understand

how you function energetically and emotionally. 

It’s the crucial part of my work and how you can connect to your true self.


I was born intuitive.

However, as a child I had to be very careful on what I said, I felt or saw and that,

like most of us, made me doubt of myself growing up.


My intuition though, never left me. 

Growing up, I realised that I could feel people’s energies and if I didn’t like someone, I would stay away.

That helped me make some pretty good choices and also helped me understand that

feeling good was very important for me.

This was my way to use my intuition but, I can tell you that, I didn’t always follow it.


It’s only when I moved to London in 2009, that I learnt to listen to it more, I think it’s because I was completely on my own so I only had me as a guidance and The Universe. I’m so grateful for that!


What I learnt since I started my spiritual journey has been incredible and I want to share it with you.


I was not the only one not to trust my intuition. 

The majority of women mistrust themselves and way too often end up making decisions that, in the long run, traps them into situations that were never aligned to their true self but,

for fear or low confidence, they stay stuck until something happens.


But, that’s not the end!

I have felt not good enough for a big chunk of my life, I felt less then, not sure I'll make it to make my dreams come true, often inadequate around people with better job and more money.

Luckily though, all those moments or choices that I thought were wrong,

brought me to become who I am today and I am so proud of me.


I had few awakenings and I am sure there are more to come..

What I know for sure is that I am here to guide you through your transformation, your big or small awakening, your dark night of the soul or just a moment in your life where you feel stuck, confused and a bit lost.


All of the answers you seek are within you, but I know very well that this can sound like

a sentence you hear all the times without much believing in it.

Trust me, you'll get to understand what that really means for you, and I am here to help you see you as

the powerful and magnetic soul that you’re!

You’re here to do big things, in your life, or in the world or both, otherwise you wouldn’t be still reading!

Am I right?!


If you want to read more about me, go to the story tab.

Now it's time to tell how I work and the techniques I use.




Colours were used and studied since the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Maya. It’s an old holistic practice.

Colours have healing powers and they have positive and negative tendencies. They don’t just affect our mind, but also our energies, because we are also made of colours.


Something that not many know is that we’re born with colours. 

Yep, you read that right!

Your date of birth holds the energies of some colours, and that’s where I come in!

In the first session, I will show you your colour chart.

A colour chart can have 4 different colours or less if they repeat.

I have purple, magenta twice and orange – now you understand my brand colours! 

Your colour chart gives you a map of your personal energies and tendencies.

From the energy you have since you were born, the ones you need to work with throught your life

and the ones related to your life mission.


It’s a very empowering session to have and I promise you that, you’ll come out of the session feeling

a burst of energy and a lot of confirmation and more understanding of yourself.


When you have received your colour chart, you can always come back to have another session,

since I channel the colours you need based on your energy field.

If you sign up for programme Discover Your True colours, you'll have the chance to see what it means to work consistently with the energies of your own colours and other colours you might need, your Human Design strategy and a variety of techniques, depending on the case, and of course coaching.

This programme is a mixture of healing and coaching, to help you rediscover the true you, and trust your intuition, which naturally lead you to what's best for you.

You can check out my podcast episode

where I explain more in details how it works and what you can expect from the first session with me.


Here’s some (but not all) reasons why to book a colour therapy session:


-       You want to know your colours to use it in your brand or rebrand

-       Something is going on in your life and you want guidance

-       You feel out energy

-       You feel disconnected

-       You feel blocked, trapped, lost, confused

-       You need a boost of energy/confidence or confirmation




I also use is Human Design, I have noticed that it complements greatly with colour therapy

and I am currently using both of them in my programme DISCOVER YOUR TRUE COLOURS.

It’s a powerful combination to help my clients really understand themselves and finally follow their flow.


I have a thirst for knowledge and I am constantly learning new things, for my pleasure, which it always results in additional offers to my clients, so stay tuned because I will surely have something coming up my sleeves.


I strongly believe that learning so much about yourself will give you the power to transform your life in a way that will go beyond your wildest dreams but most than everything,

it will give you the freedom to make choices that feel good, feel right, feel perfect for you.

It's simple.

You have emotional and energetic blocks, that often times can became physical issues and those are the reasons that make you feel dissatisfied, stuck, frustrated and so on. When you feel that way, it becomes easier to look outside of yourself. That's exactly how you get disconnected from your inner power, your intuition.

I am an alchemist and a natural problem solver.

For me it's important to learn and understand who you are, how you function and

what are your blockages and triggers so that you can finally release them. 

I like to dive deep, but that's probably because I am a Cancer sign - Sagittarius rising, Gemini moon (yeah, I talk a lot.. as you can see!)  life path 8 and a generator in Human Design! 

I know, great combo here but, I can promise you that transformation is guaranteed!

My philosophy is simple:

Doing inner work allows me to understand myself and understand where my fears come from,

what blocks I have. This knowledge is important for me to take the next step in the right direction,

which is to live the life that I WANT FOR ME. 

I won’t tell you that doing inner work is easy. Sometimes it’s really challenging but, I know from personal experience and from what my clients tell me, once you learn to understand yourself and you overcome some major challenges, life gets easier because you feel more empowered and better about yourself.

You are able to manage yourself in way that doesn’t create chaos in your life and 

you start to live your life with more joy, peace and freedom.

You are unique and so should be your communication to yourself and your process to build the life you desire.


That's why I don't have a magic formula.

 I'll tune into your energy and information and we'll create a strategy that is more aligned to your unique personality and energy. Because I am intuitive, I’m a psychic, I go with the flow, depending on what you need, adding up everything new I might learn along the way if I feel it will help you.


I have committed to myself and to my mission, and

I’d be honoured to help you commit and reconnect to your true you!

If you feel a spark within you right now, it's because you feel the same.





Let's chat about your soul's desire!

If you instead are ready to transform your life, head over to the tab work with me,

check out my intuitive sessions or my coaching and healing programmes.

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1 hour session to give you some guidance on a particular area of your life, you can choose the one you like





1 hour session to give you some guidance on a particular area of your life, you can choose the one you like




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The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery.
There comes a leap in consciousness,
call it Intuition or
what you will.
The solution
comes to you
and you don't know
how or why ”

Albert Einstein

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