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Let your Intuition choose the right type

of sessions for you.

All sessions are 1 hour long, live via zoom.

Not sure what's the best session for you? 

Message me with your query and I'll guide in the right direction.

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This is 1 hours interactive session via zoom.

If you book this for the first time, I will provide you with a reading of your personal colours.

We will discuss how your colours can help you, what are your tendencies and what colours you'll need to move forward based on what you want to work on.

This session is great to:

  • get general guidance

  • understand what colours to use in your brand 

  • learn more about your current energy and emotions associated to it

  • have an idea of what's going on and what's blocking you

After this session, you will feel a boost of energy and confidence and if you are ready for your transformation, I have a 8 or 12 weeks coaching package that will help you with that.

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This is an interactive 1 hour session via zoom.

I will tune into your energy and ask the cards to provide the message that is appropriate for you, based on the topic you wish guidance on.

Want to be able to check in, get more guidance over a specific period of time?

Check my packages here 

“Follow what

lights you up 


you will 

light up

the world”

Rebecca Campbell


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