Ask for guidance and get more clarity on a specific topic.

Choose below the right offer for you.

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Hey beautiful,

You know you want some guidance but

you are not sure what would be good for you?

Not sure if booking a colour therapy session or an oracle card reading?

Ask your Intuition! :)



We are born with the characteristic of specific colours,

they form our personality and they never change.


Knowing what colours you were born with 

will help you understand a bit more and give you insights

about your gift,

what you need to learn/use more in your life, what direction to take and

what you could do in your life to find/follow your purpose.

The colour of your chart will give you the basic info to learn more about yourself and

I will advise how to use your colours and other complementary colours based on what you need.

Colours have healing energies and as someone that works a lot with energies,  

I also use reiki, crystals and other techniques involved to help you depending on what you need.

A Colour Therapy session is great for:

- release blockages

- emotional healing

- connecting with your intuition

- figure out your brand colours (now you know how I chose mine!)

- learn more about yourself

- raise your vibrations

- guidance

And much more!


Are you seeking for guidance in relation to a specific topic?

An oracle card reading can give you important insights on a specific situation,

yourself or the question you are seeking answer to.

It can reveal blockages, resistances and

situations you might need to look at in order to move forward

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This is 1 hours interactive session via zoom.

If you book this for the first time, I will provide you with a reading of your colours and we will discuss what you need guidance on based on the questions I sent you when you booked the session.

If you are a returning client and we have already done your colour charts, I will be coaching you on what you need using the power of colours, and anything I feel intuitively guided to share with you to help you.

If you wish to work on a specific issue, I offer ad hoc programmes. You just need to ask for info after the session or you can email me any time.


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This is 1 hours interactive session via zoom.

In this session we will be working on a topic you wish to get guidance or healing on.

You might wish to work on a particular thing you are struggling with, release some heavy emotions or figure out your next step.

This is an interactive session and you are safe to be honest about what you need help with. I will guide you intuitively based on what energies I feel from you on what I think is the best way to help you feel better.

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Based on the questions you have for yourself

I will ask the oracle cards for the right message for you.

Have a topic in mind and

we will see what your guides want you to know.

1 hour interactive session - £80

Follow what lights you up

and you will

light up the world

Rebecca Campbell

©2018 by Mara Marchesi