Ask for guidance and get more clarity on a specific topic.

Choose below the right offer for you.

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Hey beautiful,

You know you want some guidance but

you are not sure what would be good for you?

Not sure if booking a colour therapy session or an oracle card reading?

Ask your Intuition! :)



We are born with the characteristic of specific colours,

they form our personality and they never change.


Knowing what colours you were born with 

will help you understand a bit more and give you insights

about your gift,

what you need to learn/use more in your life, what direction to take and

what you could do in your life to find/follow your purpose.

The colour of your chart will give you the basic info to learn more about yourself and

I will advise how to use your colours and other complementary colours based on what you need.

Colours have healing energies and as someone that works a lot with energies,  

I also use reiki, crystals and other techniques involved to help you depending on what you need.

A Colour Therapy session is great for:

- release blockages

- emotional healing

- connecting with your intuition

- figure out your brand colours (now you know how I chose mine!)

- learn more about yourself

- raise your vibrations

- guidance

And much more!


Are you seeking for guidance in relation to a specific topic?

An oracle card reading can give you important insights on a specific situation,

yourself or the question you are seeking answer to.

It can reveal blockages, resistances and

situations you might need to look at in order to move forward

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This is 1 hours interactive session via zoom.

If you book this for the first time, I will provide you with a reading of your colours and we will discuss what you need guidance on based on the questions I sent you when you booked the session.

If you are a returning client and we have already done your colour charts, I will be coaching you on what you need using the power of colours, and anything I feel intuitively guided to share with you to help you.


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With the Delux session, you will find everything mentioned in the basic reading plus:

- a little bag with gem stones related to your colour chart

and their meaning

- a drawing of your colours/aura

- a channelled message

- an audio meditation tailored for you based on what you need after the session.

The package will be sent to you via post a few weeks after the session.

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Based on the question you have for yourself I will ask the oracle cards for the right message for you.


Your guides will direct you through it.

1 hour interactive session - £80

Follow what lights you up

and you will

light up the world

Rebecca Campbell

©2018 by Mara Marchesi