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Let your intuition guide you to what's right for you

Choose the session you feel more inspired to.

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Client's Love

My session with Mara was magical and so helpful.

I wanted to learn about my personal colors and also guidance on my brand colors for my business.

I got so much more than just a deeper understanding for my colors. We covered a lot of topics, some of them were: Which colors are important for me? Which colors can I incorporate more in my life to spark more creativity.

Which color is helping me heal past experiences.


On the business side it helped me be more stable and sure about the colors I want to use for my brand, website, social media. I would recommend it to everyone that wants to understand themselves more on a deeper level.

@susie.emilie - Sound healer 

Mara's Color Therapy Session is such a unique and valuable offering.

I thought I was only going to receive business brand colors and instead I received so much more.

Mara guided me to understand how I can use my colors to deepen my intuition,

which is what I was really seeking.

@emilie.slachetka - Emily Slachetka Coaching 


"Follow what 

lights you up 


you will 

light up 

the world"

Rebecca Campbell

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