My Story

Have you ever dreamt of being something when you were little?

When I was 11/12 and people would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up,

my answer was often: "being on a stage talking to a room full of people."

What did I want to talk about and why? 

I had absolutely no clue but I could see myself clearly doing that, as if someone had taken a picture of me doing it.

I grew up in Italy, in Milan and I am used to be surrounded by vibrancy, different cultures, creativity.

I have always been “the most colourful person I have ever met” for a lot of people that got to meet me, but it's only in 2016, when I went to do an aura reading that

I learnt the concept of the energy of colours and that got me so curious that brought me to want learn about colour therapy and the healing power of colours.

I was hooked and happy knowing that I could used them to help people!

I have always had a passion for everything that is vibrant, fun, creative, colourful, different and that made me feel good so learning how they affect your personality, your mood and their healing power was a new amazing world opening for me! I blame my Sagittarius rising for that!

What blew me away was learning that we have our own personal colours and having a colour chart done can tell you so much about your energies and your tendencies. 

Like you would if you pulled up your astrology chart, you are a sign and a rising etc and they never change, so it's with colours, because your colours are as well based on your date of birth.

Learning what are your personal colours can give you so much helpful information but also relief because you get so many insights about who you are!

See all these colours on my website? No coincidence, they are my colours.

I have been told I could not use so many colours in my brand, that it was too much.. 

Hmm.. hello!!!

There is no such thing as too much when you are talking about yourself, your inner knowing, your soul and what makes you happy! 

My clients also say it's fun way to do inner work and I agree! 

I studied languages, I wanted to travel and discover the world, new cultures, different people and also because I wanted to learn what the hell my favourite singers where singing about.

My first serious job was in advertising, and that has been my job until I moved to London.
I loved the vibe, managing clients and working for different brands.

I was breathing creativity and intuition everyday and I was in my element!

Then I went for a different route, not for choice but because life happened that way.

Before moving to London I knew nothing about self-development,

I was living my life almost always based on my intuition, without really knowing it!

A friend of mine told me to read "The Secret" as I was leaving Italy and that book changed my life.

Since then I found a new passion and I became obsessed with self-development.

I wanted so badly to make my life better and realise my big dreams.

I have always been a big dreamer but, I know now, that my lack mindset and the emotional wounds I was carrying on often stopped me from achieving my goals because, I didn’t believe I could or that I was good enough.

 I learnt the techniques taught by the big ones like my mentor Jack Canfield, or Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo etc,  and I started applying them to my life and then it came natural to suggest them to others.

I quickly became the person people needed to talk to, to feel better.
My positive approach to everything in life and my non-judgimental way of being, did the rest.

I started saying I wanted to become a life coach but, aside from watching videos and reading books about it, I was not exactly taking action, until..

My dad passed away suddenly and that hit me hard. realised that I had not created anything of the things I said I was going to create in my life, my big dreams were still not realised, I had become complacent and without really realising I was settling for less then I wanted and deserved.

That scared me deeply!

That's when the saying, LIFE IS SHORT, felt real to me. It became my motto since.

Bon Jovi’s song “It’s my life” plays in my head whenever I get resistant or I feel a bit stuck.

Just hearing this one line.. “it’s my life, and it’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever” it’s enough for me to get me going.

That’s also when I took the decision to make my life happen.

The next year I signed up to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and finally became a certified Life Coach. I now have a very clear mission and to be able to help others I had to face my blockages, so with everything that I have experienced and learnt, intentionally and non, I am now helping people to do the same.  

We all have a vision, since we are young or we feel this vision strongly at some point of our lives but too often we let our ego talk us out of ourselves, our heart and we decide to settle, to look for that fake sense of security and stability that we have been told we should have.

But if you are not fulfilled and you are following someone else's idea of what a good life should be for you, that feeling you had inside will pop up again and you'll have to follow it, you know it.

Whatever your background, your story, your family story I know that you have a deep desire to manifest a big vision, to be emotionally, physically and energetically stable.

When you are able to be wealthy in all those many ways, is no longer about the money or the material things because they will naturally come to you because you are feeling good, fulfilled, joyful and grateful for your life.

You might be thinking that your dreams are too big for you or that you won’t make enough money to support yourself or your family or, you might be too afraid to disappoint the people you love,  or you don't have it in you. Whatever your inner critic is saying to you..

Let me tell you one thing:


You are not meant to struggle, to feel broken, to feel out of place or that there is something missing in your life!

 You are meant to do something great, something bigger, something that makes you feel fulfilled and happy.

You might not fully believe you can do it or you are just too scared to take a leap of faith in yourself.

Trust me, I know exactly how it feels and I can tell you with absolute certainty that you can transform your life.

I come from a lack environment, despite my big dreams I struggled a lot in making certain things happen earlier on in my life. What saved me was the inability to stay in a miserable situation for too long and this natural ability to follow my intuition. This is the Generator in me! 

Once I learnt to understand that this is how I function, I also learnt to be more loving and compassionate with myself and worked on the best way to support my energy and my emotions..

I am a cancer sign, emotions are my fuel, in the good and bad, and learning to feel them all without shame and, manage them was the best achievement for me because it allowed me to move forward quickly!

There is so much that I have learnt through the years, that my clients teach me every single day, and I want to share those nuggets of wisdom with you because I know, your life will change too.

This is why I have created a 6 weeks programme depending on how you wish to work on yourself.

You can chose to use colours, you might want to focus on pure healing and leaning to connect to your intuition or you might love to get guidance from oracle cards and tarot.

Whatever you feel is the best way for you, check my packages.

As I already said, you are unique so it's only right to want to chose a unique way to transform your life!

I am here to show you what happens when you learn to understand who you are without labels and layers and you completely trust yourself.

By taking your power back, learning and rediscovering who you are using your true colours, your intuition, you will be able to manifest everything your soul desires! Wealth all around!


feeling fulfilled of your life, as you follow your intuition and manifestation it's easy

feeling inner peace because you now know what is your internal process to manifest 

feeling free to be you, without guilt, sadness, indecision or frustration

having a career that gives you and that ignites your creative self, like never before

being met with synchronicities because you are aligned

feeling light, free and vibrant

understanding your feminine power

feeling in love with yourself everyday

being surrounded by loving, healthy and fulfilling relationship

not having to worry about money

feeling connected and that you fit in, wherever you are

and so much more!


Book a call, let’s chat about your soul’s desire.

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“Each of us is born with

a life purpose,

identifying, acknowledging and honouring this purpose,

is perhaps the most important action successful people take

Jack Canfield