Meet Mara

You might have guessed from the homepage that I am Italian.

I am from Milan and I am very Italian, especially when we talk about food.. :)

I  looove bright colours, they have always made me happy.

My greatest passions are music and photography.

My body is generally very happy when its surrounded by everything that

falls into arts and creativity, creators and visionaries.

In 2009 I moved to London. The first time I came was in 1996.

Since then I had this nudging feeling of knowing that this city was my home..

Back in Milan, I used to work in advertising and I really liked my job.

But there was this feeling inside of me calling me so strongly to move country that I had to follow it.

Unfortunately though, finding a job in London was not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

In the meantime I found a job a Tate Modern.

In hindsight I can say now, that I had issues with self-worth and

self-confidence and that showed in interview, although I masked it well.

Admitting defeat was hard but it also made me get even

more passionate about self development,

I knew I was meant to do something that lit my soul and not just a have a job that pays the bills.

That's when I changed direction and I started working in properties, which was fine for a while.

Before moving a friend suggested I read The Secret, so I did.

That opened up a new world for me and also, kept me going in though moments.

But more than everything, it's what started my interest, that quickly became a great passion, into self-development and energy healing and

the reason why I am now a coach.

While waiting for the right moment to sign up for a course, 

life happened and hit me hard.

My dad got ill and quickly passed away.


That's when the sentence LIFE IS SHORT got into my veins.

All of a sudden it felt real and true.

I stopped making excuses and the year after I signed up the

Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

The year after I went to Arizona to take part to a week long seminar,

with my mentor Jack Canfield. It was life changing.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

Even the worst things, are there to teach you a lesson, to bring you back to the right path.

You have the power to change your life, your thoughts, your beliefs, your fears and start living a great life.

Way too many times we are focus on what we don't want, what we are scared of, what we have been taught and programmed to think.

That's when we disconnect from our selves, our intuition and we don't allow our true self to shine trough.

That's why I am so passionated to show you how powerful you can become!

You have the choice to live your life in the best way, to be happy and fulfilled.



“Each of us is born with a life purpose, identifying, acknowledging and honouring this purpose, is perhaps the most important action successful people take

Jack Canfield

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