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Breaking limitations on how it's supposed to be! It's freeing!

Today it's my 40th birthday.

In the last few weeks I've been going through the motion of my emotions. Not much because of turning 40th but for the mental pressure of how I thought I should have celebrated it.

When I was in London I had made a commitment with myself to always celebrate on a beach, because I wanted to make sure I enjoyed every second and the beach gives me just that feeling.

But this year is different since last year I felt called to move back to Italy and, start over again.

It's been a journey, moving back with no friends, during a pandemic still keeping us in restriction mode about moving but I sort of made it work.

I managed to meet some new people and find a way to go out, so in those last few weeks I've been wondering, what I have created in this last year? What kind of connections di I feel proud of?

This is what brought me to feel all the feels.

Moving back seemed the easiest thing but I pretty soon realised it was not and was not going to be that way.

I always had a rocky relationship with my mum, and I've done a lot of work on myself, so I actually thought that living with her for a bit, while I sorted myself out would have been fine and I could continue to work on improving my business.

That's where I was wrong but I also knew why my soul wanted me back, my mission was to do deep inner child healing so that I could shift that relationship and get to know myself on a deeper level.

This is exactly what happened which pushed me to get out and meet people, as many as possible, always being very conscious of what energies I was surrounded by.

Here is the thing though, when you feel called to make such big changes and start over, before you can deeply connect with likeminded people and find your soulmates, that kind of people where you feel mutual love, trust and connection, takes time.

So here I was thinking, what do I do?

I knew I didn't want to spend my special day with people just for the sake of it.

The more I elevate my spiritual gifts, the more I am cautious and intentional on who I want around.

That's when I started thinking, if I am someone with a mission to break limitations, especially mental conditioning of what other people think they should be doing, this is the best opportunity.

Turning 40 doesn't mean organising something big with "people" just to take picture to share on social media ti show how are you celebrating. This is the perfect opportunity to go deeper within and listen to your soul and do what she is asking.

What she's been asking me lately, is to follow my path and embody my power and free myself from residual patterns.

The more I thought about it, the more I started to feel the need to spend time alone, in nature.

To connect to my soul deeper and create more space for my desires, so that I could spend my year celebrating with my soul sisters and brothers all around the world.

This made my soul feeling at peace in a way that I had not felt for a while.

Everything happens for a reason.

So here are 3 things I learnt from this special moment of my life:

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