Exploring the Heroine's Journey with Susanna Liller

Welcome to the third episode of Intuitive Queens Podcast from Mara, your Intuition Queen.

In this episode I am interviewing the brilliant Susanna Liller.

Susanna is an American coach, speaker and author of the book YOU ARE A HEROIN.


In this book Susanna has turned the hero's journey into a female journey, the heroin.

She has divided the steps into milestones to easily understand in which part of the journey you are in, right now.

Are you still thinking about answering your call? Or are you halfway through and you are fighting against your fears because you know, it’s only a matter of showing up and getting out your comfort zone?

Wherever you are in your journey or, if you have yet to start it, it doesn’t matter.

In her book, Susanna gives you practical steps to understand where you are at and what might be going on.

The stories of other women that have also embarked on the journey and have changed their lives, will inspire you and make you want to take action.


Susanna tells us about her personal and professional journey and how at some point she had to learn to listen to her intuition at 35.

That made her realise, things had to change and her marriage was going to be the first thing.

She starts her career working in corporate and then started her own business with a colleague as a consultant but that didn’t last long as her colleague decide to leave pretty soon.

That's when Susanna was faced with the fear of not being good enough, not being able to do it by herself which she explains in the episode, where that came from.

She eventually keeps going and creating a thriving consulting business and also a coaching business, empowering women.

At some point though, her intuition drops in again and she is faced with the decision to have to let one her businesses go. The more she listens the more she felt surprised to realise that it wasn't the consulting one that she drops, as she had always thought.

She drops the women empowerment company because she feels called to write a book about the heroin journey, which has been published last year.


Susanna explains that based on her personal experience and years of working with women, the only reason is that we are too afraid to get out of our comfort zone.

Sometimes it feels easy to stay in an unhappy situation than taking a leap of faith into the new.

It can be because we listen too much to what other people say and that deviates us from being true to our real self.

Or we are just paralyzed by fear and limiting beliefs, creeping in and telling us we shouldn’t, we are not good enough, making us second guess ourselves.

Susanna knows what it means not knowing what she wanted until, her therapist asked her.

The truth is that you are the only person that really knows what makes you happy.

Only following your heart desire, your journey will make you feel satisfied, fulfilled and happy.


Susanna gives us examples on how intuition has dropped in on her and how her life changed after she started listening to it.

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