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In Episode 16 of Intuitive Queens & Kings Podcast I am interviewing John Fenton, Executive Coach, Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Speaker.

John’s story is related to mindset, sports and inner knowing.

He tells how at the young age of 13 years old, he was not into sports and in fact he was one of the last on his league.

However, after a comment from one of the top players, John decided this guy was not better than him and like that, he decided to stop complaining, changed his mindset and started training.

This was a defining moment for John.

Even if he had no support or encouragement from his family.

Since than he was disciplined, persistent and determined to win the league, which he did 2 years after.

That’s how he also learnt about power.

The power of his mind and the power of his body.


Seeing the results, John became more and more confident in himself and started to strive to achieve more.

As he moved from High School to college he kept pushing his limits and getting out of his comfort zone, without losing focus in what mattered to him.

John talks about another defining moment in his life, that also helped him in his career as a business man later on.

While still going strong and being part of a successful team, John injured himself and had to stop playing for a while.

He was coming towards the end of his degree s younger players were in better shape but, he wanted to play again, he wanted to show that even after the injury he was still a great player.

As John says: I decided to own my power, follow his intuition and deciding that he would have accomplished anything he sat his mind for and so he did.


While talking about his corporate days as managing partner in his firm, John explains what stress a lot of executives are under and how certain emotions are not dealt with and can block you from growing the business and perform at the level required.

As the stress around him was palpable, he also felt his own stress so he decided to check out some yoga classes and that’s how he discovered tai chi.

That led him to become a black belt and take a master in meditation.

John explains how he became more productive, less stressed, more centred and a better manager because he also became a better listener.

However, years later, John has a minor issue to his heart that bring him to have to be operated and that’s when he decides to leave the corporate world and become a coach for executives helping them to stay more centred, take better care of their health while growing their business and perform at the top of their abilities, with mindfulness, awareness and intention.


John's personal experience as an athlete, executive and tai chi master and mediation teacher has made him realise that the connection of mind, body and spirit is even more important for leaders.

Using his knowledge and passion he now helps executives to learn to listen to themselves and their body so that they can take action.

He helps them learnt to listen so that they can be better leaders but also, listen to their body so that their quality of life get better, despite the responsibility at work.

We have talked about so many things and John has given us some valuable tips.

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