Let's talk about self love and moon cycle, with Beata Przystalski

Welcome to Intuitive Queens Podcast from Mara, your Intuition Queen.

In this first episode am interviewing the beautiful Beata Przystalski, a modern femininity and self-love coach.

Beata helps women to get back to their natural state, find themselves, love themselves and learn how to use their moon cycle (menstrual cycle) to transform their lives.

I wanted Beata to be my first guest because of her beautiful energy and because what she does will resonate with so many women, even if you don't know yet.

It is astonishing how most women don’t know their bodies, how they function, how their energy level can improve simply by knowing what’s going on.

There is still a lot of rejection over the moon (menstrual) cycle, which makes the conversation often negative and about the wrong thing.

Beata will tell us how you can change your perception perception, from just an awful experience to a loved part of yourself, important to your happiness.


Beata talks about her life in the corporate world and how getting closer to a burn out made her realise she needed to change her behaviours, which brought her to become more aware.

She became more intuitive and that made her follow the signs, although she didn’t really know what she was doing or where she was going.

She didn’t know that, that was the beginning of a new process that would bring her to where she is now.

The more she listened and followed to her intuition, the more she took steps towards her self-discovery.

She felt called to go to Bali, to take a course of 7 hours that showed the limitations of her body and mind.

That’s where she learnt about the moon cycle and how, knowing and understanding how the body reacts to it, a woman can use it to transform her life.

That set her off to a whole new life journey which, step by step, revealed a new, more connected person.

To the point that she started talking to her life and her heart.


As Beata continues to talk about her journey into self-discovery and reconnection to her true self, she talks about her need to find women circles, to learn more and connect to more women that could share her new interest and could understand her feelings.

However, that turned out to be difficult in Germany as nobody seemed to be talking about moon cycles, women self-care, hormonal balance.

How knowing your body and yourself is so important for a better and happier life.

She turned to the internet where she found what she was looking for, that led her to become the person she needed.


At some point Beata made a commitment to herself and decided to really dig deeper into what her soul was now demanding to step into.

She had realised that she could no longer be the person she was, and that meant she needed to fully commit to her transformation.

It was easy for her to sign up to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and study to become a life coach, while continuing her discovery about femininity and women cycles, because that is what her heart wanted her to do.

She felt at home.

However, as she started considering leaving her job, some fears naturally came up.

That’s when her ego started having a party, bringing up limiting beliefs and fears.

Can you really support yourself in the same way?

You have been working here for years, you need to make sure they are ok when you live.

How will you generate a constant income?

You won’t have the same lifestyle.


As you move forward in the new direction, you also start to shift naturally and that brings an inner change.

Your priority and perception shift and you no longer can be surrounded by certain people and certain behaviour.

Committing to change, will allow you to raise your vibration in the process and it becomes only natural to let something and someone go.

How long can you be in an environment that no longer belongs to you and has become toxic?

When you take the decision to change your life, you know it’s not going to be easy.

But since you also know that you need to have a better life, with more balance, freedom, joy and understanding, you need to stay focused and concentrate on the light and not the dark.

That’s how Beata took responsibility and left her job, transforming her life in a way that now allows her to help other women understand how to feel good in their skin, how to know, love and accept themselves so that they too can transform their lives.


The first step, suggests Beata is to learn to talk to your heart and life and trust that the message you receive is the right one.

The next step, is to track your cycle, know how you feel, what happens to your body, your cravings, the food you eat, exercises and so on.

So that you can learn and adjust yourself on the way.

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