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In this 30 minutes activation I will tune into your energy and help you understand what needs to be released in order for you to attract a better version of yourself and help with the situation you are bringing to the session.

I will do some energy clearing using the energy of pink, which is related to universal love, that kind of love and energy that is able to connect the spiritual with the material so that you are supported from above and below.

I will also use the energy of green which is related to self love and boundaries, to help you understand what is lacking and what is taking energy,  the best way for you to create the right boundaries so that you can start taking steps towards taking back your power and start attracting more of what you desire.


I will then activate the energy of SELF LOVE already within you and amplify it so that you can start to feel more and more love in your body, soul and mind.


You will leave the session feeling lighter, more confident, ready to move forward but, most importantly, you'll feel a kind of love that you have never experience before!


Sessions are available between Tuesday 13th February at 14:14 GMT time to Wednesday 14:14 GMT time. You have 48 hours only to book this activation.


Seize this unique opportunity because an offer like this won't come around again, and if it does, it certainly won't be at this exceptional price. Don't miss out on the chance to experience what can truly elevate your journey toward self-love and empowerment

Unlock the the force behind your dreams by shedding the old and embracing the bold!


Picture this: a symphony of success, love, and abundance playing just for you, but first, it's time for a wardrobe change in the universe of your being. Toss out those outdated patterns, fears, and limiting beliefs – they're so last season! ✨

Step onto the glittering stage of self-love because, darling, you are the star of your own show!

Tune into the frequency of self-love from the core of your being – it's the ultimate playlist for manifesting all that you desire. 🎶

Feel that cosmic beat? Once you're vibing with the deep love within, watch as the universe cues up a chart-topping hit of abundance, success, and everything else on your wish list. 

Your desires are already grooving in your energy field, just waiting for you to hit play. So, let go of what's cramping your style and unleash love for the entire, fabulous you! 

Get ready for the Self Love Activation – where clarity becomes your BFF, love wraps your heart in a warm embrace, and you discover what's stealing the spotlight from your dreams. This session isn't just powerful; it's a liberating encore for the star that is you! 

Ready to rock the Self Love Magic?

Let's manifest, let's radiate, let's activate that self-love sensation! 

Snag your spot on the journey to abundance, but hurry—there are only a few spots available each day, and this exclusive offer dances away in just 48 hours! 🎟️💖 Secure your spot now and let the Self Love Activation be your ticket to a life filled with love, clarity, and boundless possibilities!

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