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The Strengths Amplifier

Understand how you function energetically and emotionally,
and use your strengths to learn to connect with your intuition
and align yourself and your business with your

natural and unique flow of abundance

If you can learn to motivate yourself, you can always tap into

an abundance of energy that will drive you to the success you dream of

Rachel Bermingham


Being an entrepreneur can be tricky, it doesn’t matter if you are starting out or if you’re a seasoned one. We all get caught up in energy leaks and stress out,

compare, get lost and overwhelmed at times.


Everyone has their own personal experience that can help us or stop us

from being truly energised and successful.

Life and business are a roller coaster ride and the more we learn to know

how to ride our waves, the easier it gets.


  • want to level up in your business but feel confused and overwhelmed

  • Work hard and put the hours in but you can’t seem to see the results you want

  • Often struggle with finding the right energy or motivation to work on a project

  • have taken a lot of courses and worked with coaches but somehow their strategies don’t seem to work on you and you feel frustrated, less than 

  • keep trying to find different ways to make it work

  • want to make consistent money but it doesn’t seem to happen

  • have so many ideas and things you want to use in your business but struggle to put them together and find your unique voice

  • want to be more disciplined and find a consistent way of working but can’t seem to be able to 

  • keep allocating tasks and follow other people strategies but you end up feeling more frustrated and overwhelmed

  • get distracted by scrolling on social media and end up comparing yourself with more successful people and getting frustrated, not understanding why things don’t work for you.

  • want to work with clients that are aligned to your values, energy and want to work but often end up with clients that are hard to handle but you keep going on because of the money

  • want to feel energised and in flow

  • find it hard to take time off for yourself and when you do, you keep thinking of the many things you should or could have done to move forward in your business

  • have a bigger vision for your business but struggle to see it through because your reality makes your vision feel impossible

  • often push through even when you’re tired and demotivated in order to “feel productive” and “less guilty” but end up still not doing much

  • you know you have it in you and you’re good at what you do but feel like something is missing

What if I told you have been concentrating on the wrong button for your success?

Your success, satisfaction and fulfilment are not a matter of strategy or how much hard work you put in,

they're a matter of knowing and understanding your unique emotional and energetic alignment.

You’re a unique soul and have unique ways of functioning, with unique ways of dealing with challenges,

fears and limiting beliefs.

Following someone else’s way of becoming successful can help in part but will come a time where you’ll get stuck

in other ways because you’re not them and you’re not following yourself.

Didn't you decide to work for yourself so that you could manage your time, work whenever you wanted,

choose your partnership and clients, feel free and make more money?

It's still possible! 

It's time to give yourself permission to be YOU!

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The Strengths Amplifier

is a unique programme aimed to help you understand YOU on a core level
and follow your unique strategy towards success and abundance.

 In this programme you will learn how you function emotionally, energetically and what is currently keeping you stuck.

You will understand what gives you energy, how can you work at the best of your capabilities and how to use the down time to still work or maybe just relax and have fune, so that you can stop procrastinate and feel guilty or frustrated.

This programme will provide you and unique strategy based on yourself and your unique code of energies combining amazing and spot on techniques like Colour Vibration that will provide you with your unique colour chart and and Human design which will give you precious insights about your profile.

Those two practises use your date of birth to retrieve true data about yourself and that's why you will be able to receive, not only unique information about your strengths and weaknesses, but a tailor strategy that will help you be in flow and use your energy, time and emotions at your advantage.

In addition to that, my intuitive gifts and coaching experience will help you in understanding the emotions and energies that are working subconsciously and are keeping you stuck, maybe without you being aware.

This programme will give you confirmation of a lot of things that you already know of yourself but that you never allowed yourself to believe or follow. It will provide you with a completely different understanding and perception of yourself which will result in more love, trust and motivation to follow your ideas, your dreams, your unique flow of abundance.

If you have not met Mara yet you are missing out.

I recently took her Strengths Amplifier programme which was magical and authentic. I learnt more about my authentic self and how to do life based on who I truly am. It has already made a difference in my life.

Mara is intuitive and really knows her way around her charts and material. She has a way of explaining it all in a way that I could use it right away. Add to that her intuitive Queenliness and it's magic. Mara is sweet, generous and her passionate spirit is infectious. I loved how she married facts with intuition and interpreted the information.


Khursheed Sethna 

Human Potential Life Coach and Speaking Voice Coach at 

Inside Out Voice

Mara's Strengths Amplifier program is incredibly powerful and enlightening.  She takes the time to understand you, your situation, and your needs in order to help you achieve your goals. I was pleasantly surprised about the impact her sessions had on me. Her program allowed me to elevate my well-being and connect with myself on a deeper level. I now have a much better understanding of what gives me energy, and this will no doubt allow me to take my business to the next level.

20200620_203831 - Angela Tipton.jpg

Angela Tipton

CEO of Angela LM Tipton Copywriting Services.

Are you ready to

  • Understand what gets you focused and inspired to work on your projects

  • Naturally attract clients, opportunities and therefore money, just by being in alignment and being you

  • Stop working when you think "you have to" or "you should" 

  • Feel more connected to yourself and your intuition and trust your decisions

  • Have a better understanding of yourself and use that knowledge to create more of what you desire

  • No longer feeling like you cannot achieve what you want 

  • Finally take the right aligned actions that will make you pivot

  • Live and work in flow, motivation and abundance

  • Use your time more efficiently and feeling more joyful

  • Understand what gives you energy and what takes it

  • Know that you always have the right steps to follow and a tailored strategy, should you get out of sync

  • Know that being you and being unique is ok and that's your key to success

  • No longer feeling restricted in your power 

  • Do more of what lights you up and less of what drains you, without guilt or fear

  • Know how to deal with stress, fear and other emotional challenges, without affecting your business too much

  • Give yourself permission to work in your unique way and attract more 

  • Improve your business and life, just understanding more about you


EPIC. The insights this program gave me on my own strengths has been vital in my personal and professional progress.

Mara and her systems help to accentuate personal power, understand how to best utilize my energy and skills, as well as shine light on potential pitfalls, energy suckers, and time wasters. Mara broke down large complex systems and made it simple, actionable, and real. I love it.

Mara holds a safe and comfortable space for exploration, insights, and takes time to help you explore your understanding so it can solidify in your mind. The Strengths Amplifier is insightful and empowering and helps you raising awareness about yourself in such an efficient way!

IMG_3755 - Ryan Dunphy.JPG

Ryan Dunphy

Time Management Guest Speaker & Coach

This was such an enlightening and empowering experience. Gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and how you navigate situations is like gaining a secret code.

Mara made the whole process easy and enjoyable. 

I really enjoyed how friendly and easy it was to connect.

I would highly recommend!

Entrepreneurship is such a big mirror and having this information can help people navigate situations. There is so much mindset an inner work that is needed and this is a great tool to support that.

Sara_Headshot - Sara Rothschild.JPG

Sara Rothschild

Brand Coach & Designer.

What's included

A Colour Vibration Reading

This session will reveal your personal colours, helping you understand your energies from when you were born, to the energy of the colours you need to use in your life time to get to the life mission.

It's a true map of your energies and emotions, based on your personal colours.

Colours have positive and negative tendencies and this reading will help you understand more of yourself, how to use the positive aspects of your colour vibration and pay attention to the negative one.

When I read your colours I will also channel information that is in your energy field about other things that are currently keeping you stuck and that you might or might not be aware.

A Human Design Reading

This session will help you learn more of who you are, the ways you are designed to express ourselves.

On the most practical level, Human Design shows you where and how to access your body's consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self.

A Strategy Session

This session will combine with the information and data retrieved in the 2 sessions prior and provide you with your unique strategy of what you need to do and remember to get energies and be in alignment, and what to do when you feel low in energies so that you can still work but be more efficient.

You will also be provided with a summary of what to do and what not to do via pdf

An Extra Session - to chose between a strategy/business session or a healing session

This session will be completed 3 weeks after you've had your strategy session.

The gap of 3 weeks is aimed to give you enough time to implement your personal strategy and understand if there is anything that is coming up that needs adjusting.

This is why I offer you to choose between a strategy/business session or a healing session.

You might choose a business/strategy session because in implementing what you have learnt, you understand there are still blockages or you might have a particular project you've been working on and you want to fine tune your strategy on that project so that you have the best energy and best results.

You might choose a healing session because the repressed emotions that came through in the previous sessions are now surfacing up and you have realised those emotions are the reason why you're struggling to level up. This is the perfect session to help you with that.

A Check In Session

After 6 month we'll have a 30 minutes check in session. 

This is just to see if you have managed to follow your strategy, see what has come up and give you a boost, redirect you, remind you or help you elevate, depending on where you are at.

You will receive the recording of your sessions

A PDF with your personalised strategy


Your Investment

888 Euros
2 Instalments of 444 Euros available

Your Investment

£ 888 
2 Instalments of £ 444  available

VIP Package

£ 1,111 
In addition to all the above, you will receive:
  • personalised meditation to help you expand, based on your own blue print (valued at £34)
  • 1 coaching session, to be completed within 3 months from the last session (valued at £189)

It was so enlightening! I learned many things about the process and myself. In addition, Mara has given me the tools that I need to find that balance to live my life as my true self. Very empowering! Mara's programme was insightful and amazing! She has a way of making you feel comfortable - like talking with an old friend. Most of my life, I have self-analyzed and self-sabotaged. Took a lot of self-help courses, wondered why I react certain ways, and have mostly lived my life afraid to put myself out there in fear of rejection. With that being said, I have never thought of the color I was born with, or what my “success color” is. Turns out, our energy is a big piece of the puzzle. Through this process, I had many AH-HA moments; Mara was spot on! I love all the words that represent my colors - they’re me or who I strive to be. Mara not only explained,

in detail, what my colors and my human design chart meant, but she also gave me suggestions on things to try, to help me improve on some things that were discovered, and I really appreciate that. Weeks later, I am still thinking about my reading and I even made a vision board of my four colors!

I highly recommend Mara and the programs that

she has to offer.

8824 - Kristine McQuown.jpg

Kristine McQuown

Founder and Author at 


Mara's Strengths Amplifier program was excellent. I came into the sessions kind of already knowing myself pretty well, yet I got reminded of the things that were most important for my life right now. I actually felt very recharged and positive about the things I was working on. I think the insights and just the "permission" we sometimes need to to move our lives forward is huge to realize.

I believe that Mara has a fabulous business that really taps into our energies and how they link to our human design. I am in the process of writing and publishing my first book and the sessions I had with Mara have really encouraged and inspired me to proceed with my dreams and fulfill my purpose. the time is now and she helped me to confirm that for myself.


Judy Rice

Multifamily investor, Network Marketer and Writer

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