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Intuitive Sessions

Choose the session you feel most drawn to, let your intuition guide you

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Colour Vibration Reading - £ 189 

This session will explain the energies of your unique colours you were born with, based on your date of birth.

Each colour has a meaning and a vibration and provides you with your unique map of how you should be using your energies and therefore colours, to move forward in your life with ease, following your soul's path.

The reading is divided in 2 parts. I will first explain what each colour means for you and your positive and negative tendencies, then I will channel messages related to each energy coming from your energy field to bring to light what is blocking you from moving forward, based on the topic you chose to work about.

This is a powerful session to receive revelations from your soul on how to release blockages that are in your path that you might not be aware of or, you might not think are (still) impacting you so much.

This session will make you feel more understanding of yourself, empowered, motivated and freer.

Ad hoc programmes are available if you wish to go deeper and commit to release blockages and heal wounds that might have come up during the session.

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Human Design Reading - £ 215

Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a way that is in sync with who you are.

Imagine a tree: you can only see what's on the surface but the vitality of the tree comes from its roots which are underneath.

The same is for us, there are conscious and unconscious energies and behaviours we might feel we know about but that we can't really figure out.

Maybe you feel like you need to be motivated to work well, or you're that kind of person that once has an idea you can just go make it happen or you need more time before you take action etc etc.

Having a reading will give you clarity on the way you function and will provide a strategy, based on your chart, that you can use to follow your unique flow of abundance in your professional and personal life.

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Oracle Cards Reading - £95

This session will provide guidance on a specific topic and answer to your questions, based on your energies at the moment of the reading.

During a card reading you can get some good insights on how to move forward and what is blocking you, or something you might not be able to understand about a situation or your career.

Ad hoc programmes are available if you wish to receive more consistent guidance.

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Coaching/Intuitive Healing Session
£ 189 

This session is great if you want to:

  • general coaching guidance on a topic of your choice

  • release a specific emotion that you know is holding you back

  • need some guidance on something you feel is blocking you

  • do chord cutting

  • inner child healing

  • ancestral healing

  • if you have a specific physical pain, understand why it's there and to what repressed emotion / situation it's related to 

  • energy and emotional healing

  • chakra clearing and healing

Ad hoc programmes are available if you wish to go deeper and commit to release blockages and heal wounds that might have come up during the session.

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My session with Mara was magical and so helpful. I wanted to learn about my personal colors and also guidance on my brand colors for my business. I got so much more than just a deeper understanding for my colors. We covered a lot of topics, some of them were: Which colors are important for me? Which colors can I incorporate more in my life to spark more creativity. Which color is helping me heal past experiences. On the business side it helped me be more stable and sure about the colors I want to use for my brand, website, social media. I would recommend it to everyone that wants to understand themselves more on a deeper level.  

Susie Emilie - Inner Voice Facilitator & Sound Healer


If I could describe my intuitive session with Mara in one word, it would be transformational. She guided me through beauty, pain, sadness, guilt, and many other emotions, all with grace, compassion, and commitment. In the end, I felt clarity in my mind, heart, and soul, all of which felt lighter and more at ease. It took several hours for it to all process, but in the end, I truly feel like I can see my intended path with fewer obstacles. If you are feeling stuck or heavy, reach out to Mara and allow her to guide you through healing. 

Jennifer Major  - Coach & Founder of Clear Your Chaos


Mara's Color Reading is pure bliss! I appreciate her work so much. After our reading a lot of things came up and I am realising time after time, how deep and valuable / precious her work is. I am using her reading to embrace my authentic power and embody my energy.

I want to HIGHLY recommend to work with Mara

Beata Lidia Przystalski - Mentor for visionary people, leaders and change makers - Germany

My Human Design session with Mara was so enlightening. Not only did I feel completely at ease in her warm and welcoming presence,

I felt understood. This system is captivating and helps to explain so much about me that I "know" but now feel like I understand more deeply - from a place in me that recognizes myself. Knowing more about my design is confirming and informing. I am so looking forward to strengthening my unique approach to my work and life

using this knowledge.

Leslie Ellies  - Yoga Teacher & Coach


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