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Intuitive Awakening:
A Colour Healing 

Step into a realm where intuition and color intertwine, guiding you toward your deepest desires and dreams. This is a transformative journey designed to help you unlock your inner wisdom and release the barriers that stand between you and the life you envision.

Through this meditation, you'll explore the vibrant spectrum of color frequencies, each one resonating with a specific energy and intent. As you immerse yourself in this spectrum, you'll discover the color that aligns with your personal goals, dreams, or emotions. This chosen hue becomes your guiding light, illuminating the path to clarity and insight.

Intuitive Guidance

This is a 30 minutes FREE coaching session where I'll help you get clarity and  figure out the main reason why you feel stuck, overwhelm or simply not motivated and energised as you'd like.

In this session I'll be your mirror so that you can see what's holding you back and you can reconnect to your intuition and receive the correct messages, feel empowered, confident and ready to take action in the right direction!


Irina Ka - Transformational Coach - New York - USA

I felt a little lost in the process of transitioning in my life and business.
A session with Mara helped me to gain clarity on what I want and how I can achieve it.
Mara's questions triggered a lot of productive thoughts, reflection and ideas to move on to the bright future!
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