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Chose your Transformative Healing Sessions to Unveil Your Inner Magic!

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Soul Alchemy 

Your Colour Energy Blueprint to Unlock your Path to Empowerment! You have never had a session like this before!

Did you know that your date of birth carries colour vibrations and therefore important information about your energetic blueprint?

In this session I will provide you with magical insights about the colours of your soul and how you can use them to follow your true and unique path.

I will connect with the energy of your soul and that part of you that wants to help you free yourself from whatever limitation is currently holding you back from what you desire.

Thanks to my psychic abilities once I connect to each colour energy I am able to channel a specific situation, person or event that is still stuck in your energy field and that is still influencing you to this day.

This is not something that can be seen just by knowing the meaning of the colours in your chart, it's something that happens to me because my soul' communicates with  colours.

Once I have provided you with all the info, I will then guide you to alchemise it so that you can let it go or transform it and use it as fuel to tap into your inner power and heal, providing you with practical steps to help you alchemise the energy in the next days.

Inner Child Healing

This session is to help you connecting to a part of yourself that is still feeling hurt and is holding to that pain, which is still affecting you today, so that this pain can be released and transformed.


In this session we might connect to a younger version of you or someone you were or are still connected to, or a situation, that has caused you pain and that is still lingering in your energy, mind and subconscious and it’s holding you back from moving forward.

It might be something you are aware of, something you have worked on before or something you have no clue about.

I’ll help you connect to whatever or whomever needs to help you becoming aware so that we can heal this part of you.


In this session we might connect to an energy coming from a past life, a situation or a person of the past or something related to your ancestral line.


I always call the help and protection of the archangels and your healed ancestors.


At the end of the session you will feel lighter, relieved, maybe surprised, sure more inspired and confident to continue moving forward in your journey.

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Design Brilliance

A 75 minutes Session where I will firstly channel some important information using oracle cards and then I will dive deep into your Human Design chart to help you understand your unique blueprint .

In this session you will learnt to understand what are the steps you can take to gain more energy, make more money, stay focused, be motivated, and generally attracting what you desire using your personal strategy and specific steps tailored just for you, based on your unique blueprint.

You are unique and so is the way your energy works!

You will leave the session knowing what are your strengths and how to use them at your advantage in every situation


Eleonora Guarino - Italy

The experience of my soul alchemy session with Mara has been an important awakening moment, discovering the colours of my soul, facing my fears, understanding how my energies are moving through me to discover my power. Mara is an amazing soul being, indeed - and she has this innate capability of seeing you deep in your soul by understanding what steps are needed to evolve and rise to your true self. This session gave me clarity and direction in a period where I leapt into the dark to listen to my sensations and my intuition. I know the road is long but I am on the right path on the journey toward self and soul awareness. Thank you, Mara, from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and the passion you put into explaining to people what you feel and how to deal with certain energies.

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By choosing a bundle, you can experience even greater benefits. It's like getting a boost in effectiveness because the sessions complement each other and work together to enhance your overall well-being. In addition to when you purchase a bundle, you're getting two sessions together at a discounted price, which saves you money.

Energy Bundle

The Energy Bundle is a dynamic package that includes two transformative sessions: the Soul Alchemy Session and the Design Brilliance Session. This bundle is designed to help you unlock a powerful energetic blueprint, giving you the clarity and focus to take action in a way that is both strategic and deeply aligned with your unique self. 

Whith the Energy Bundle, you'gain a customized roadmap to live and lead in a more empowered way. These sessions work together to help you tap into your inner strengths and intuition, allowing you to move forward with confidence and authenticity. Get ready to experience a surge in your energy, creativity, and personal power

Healing Bundle

The Healing Bundle is a transformative package that includes two deeply restorative sessions: the Soul Alchemy Session and the Inner Child Healing Session. This bundle is crafted to help you uncover and release deep-seated fears, old limiting beliefs, and emotional wounds that may be holding you back.

By choosing the Healing Bundle, you're embarking on a journey toward profound emotional healing and personal growth. These sessions work in harmony to help you confront and heal the root causes of your pain, empowering you to break free from patterns that keep you feeling stuck or wounded. It's a chance to reconnect with your true self, find inner peace, and embrace the wholeness you deserve

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