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Soul Alchemy Session
Energy channeling to break free from limitations and activate the abundance frequency within you

Navigating the entrepreneurial journey can be challenging, whether you're just starting out or have seasoned experience. We all encounter energy drains, stress, comparison, and moments of feeling lost or overwhelmed.

If you are a creative soul already getting your hands dirty in your creation or you wish you could but you don't think you can take you creative genius and products further, or maybe safety and security have you nailed to the chair of dissatisfaction.. or both.. I hear you loud and clear!

You are broken in half: the part of you that would love to just do that magical thing you do, and share your passion with the word and be happy and, the other part of you that thinks you could never make money out of it, it's too much work, too much competition, it's just silly and whatever else your mind is making you believe..

Is this you?..

  • You aspire to elevate your business but find yourself confused and overwhelmed.

  • Despite hard work and long hours, desired results remain elusive.

  • Project motivation is a struggle, and energy fluctuates.

  • Courses and coaching haven't yielded the expected results, leaving you frustrated.

  • You continually seek new approaches but end up feeling more disheartened.

  • Consistent income proves elusive despite your efforts.

  • Ideas abound, yet assembling them into a cohesive business strategy feels daunting.

  • Discipline and a consistent work routine remain elusive.

  • Following others' strategies only amplifies frustration and overwhelm.

  • Social media distractions lead to comparisons and frustration.

  • Client alignment with your values seems elusive, and challenging clients persist.

  • You yearn for sustained energy and flow.

  • Taking time off brings thoughts of missed business opportunities.

  • Your business vision feels unattainable amidst the realities you face.

  • Pushing through fatigue yields minimal productivity.

  • Despite knowing your capabilities, a sense of something missing persists.

What if the key to your success lies not in external strategies or relentless effort but in understanding your unique emotional and energetic alignment?

Success, satisfaction, and fulfillment are not just about strategies and hard work; they're about knowing and aligning with your unique emotional and energetic self.

You are a unique soul with distinct ways of handling challenges, fears, and limiting beliefs.

While adopting others' successful strategies can offer insights, it's crucial to recognize when

it's time to pivot toward your authentic self.

You chose entrepreneurship for freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.

You chose to follow that passion because it inspires you, gives you joy and you feel called to.

Reclaim that vision by giving yourself permission to be YOU!


Your success, joy and satisfaction are intricately tied to understanding and embracing your unique emotional and energetic blueprint. It's time to realign with your true self and make the success you envisioned a reality.

Break free from limitations and activate the abundance frequency within you
Soul Alchemy Session

In this 90 minutes session I will channel your frequency, how I can create more wealth, how to be fully tapped in to the most amplified version of you.

When you have your energetic blueprint you can literally create anything you want, knowing how you operate, knowing your frequency and this is my expertise.

I allow you to see yourself in the highest version and so many people don’t understand that these tools can 10x their income or simply find the courage to get out there and share your passions, their life and so much more.


In the beginning of the session I might pool cards, tap into the energy of you aura and your personal colours and channel for you.

Your colours, your aura, your energy field will provide the messages for me to share with you about what is keeping you stuck, why you are not using your full potential, what fears are still lingering in your field and I will then advise you how to tune into your abundance frequency.

I might get information from your past lives, ancestors, inner child, or from your energy field right now.

Whatever needs to come through will be shown to me and I'll share it with you using the powerful energy of colours and I will help you envision the right steps to take to embrace your power and your abundance frequency.

You will walk away with deep awareness of who you are and all the tools that you need, to finally start releasing those pesky limitations and discovering the deeper frequency that you hold in your energy.

This is not something that anybody else is doing, I have so many different modalities, and between my channel and these tools and the level of embodiment I have with them, I will take your life to the next level.

If you are ready and committed to change your life, book your session!

Imagine yourself experiencing all the power that awaits you:
  • Uncover your personal energies and how your colours affect your behaviours and decisions

  • Naturally draw in clients, opportunities, and money by aligning with your colourful and authentic self.

  • Break free from the notion of working when you "have to" or "should."

  • Cultivate a stronger connection to yourself, trusting your intuition and decisions.

  • Gain a profound understanding of yourself, leveraging that knowledge to manifest your desires.

  • Eliminate the belief that achieving what you want is beyond your reach.

  • Take precise, aligned actions that propel you forward.

  • Embrace a life and work dynamic characterized by flow, motivation, and abundance.

  • Optimize your time efficiently and experience increased joy.

  • Recognize what fuels your energy and what drains it.

  • Understand the energy of your life missions and hoe you can tune into your passions

  • Embrace your uniqueness as the key to your success.

  • Liberate yourself from feeling restricted in your power.

  • Engage more in what sparks joy and less in what drains you, free from guilt or fear.

  • Heal that parts of you that still felt wounded

  • Grant yourself permission to work in your distinctive way and attract more.

  • Enhance your business and life by gaining a deeper understanding of yourself.

Embark on this empowering journey, and witness the profound positive shifts that will change the way

you feel perceive yourself and your ability to create the life you desire! 

Untitled design-6.png

What if I told you that you've been focusing on the wrong button for your success, joy and abundance?

Success, satisfaction, joy and fulfillment aren't solely about strategy or the amount of hard work you put in; they hinge on understanding your unique emotional and energetic alignment.

You're a distinctive soul with individual ways of functioning, handling challenges, fears, and limiting beliefs.

While adopting others' paths to success may offer some insights, there comes a time when you get stuck because

you're not them, and you're not honoring your true self.

Didn't you choose to work for yourself to manage your time, work whenever you wanted,

choose partnerships and clients, and experience freedom while making more money?

Would you love to keep creating magic and be part of the inspiring people that inspire others?

It's still possible!

It's time to grant yourself permission to be YOU and tune into your abundance frequency!

If you have not met Mara yet you are missing out.

Her session was magical and authentic. I learnt more about my authentic self and how to do life based on who I truly am. It has already made a difference in my life.

Mara is intuitive and really knows her way around her charts and material. She has a way of explaining it all in a way that I could use it right away. Add to that her intuitive Queenliness and it's magic. Mara is sweet, generous and her passionate spirit is infectious. I loved how she married facts with intuition and interpreted the information.


Khursheed Sethna 

Human Potential Life Coach and Speaking Voice Coach at 

Inside Out Voice

Mara's session is incredibly powerful and enlightening.  She takes the time to understand you, your situation, and your needs in order to help you achieve your goals. I was pleasantly surprised about the impact her sessions had on me. Her program allowed me to elevate my well-being and connect with myself on a deeper level. I now have a much better understanding of what gives me energy, and this will no doubt allow me to take my business to the next level.

20200620_203831 - Angela Tipton.jpg

Angela Tipton

CEO of Angela LM Tipton Copywriting Services.


"Struggling to Find Your  Groove?
Here's Your Blueprint to Unleash Success:


  1. Reconnect with Your Intuition: Dive deep into self-discovery and let your intuition be your guide. It's time to trust those gut feelings.

  2. Embody Your Strengths: Unleash the powerhouse within you. Identify and leverage your unique strengths for a competitive edge.

  3. Release Limitations: Say goodbye to emotional, mental, and energetic roadblocks. It's time to break free and unlock your full potential.

  4. Navigate Your Unique Path: Quit following others' strategies. Discover your individual blueprint and watch success unfold on your terms.

  5. Courage, Determination, and Commitment: Entrepreneurship demands more than just these three. Dive into emotional and energetic healing to conquer fears and limitations.

  6. Face Your Triggers Head-On: Entrepreneurial life is full of triggers – in relationships, finances, and failures. Learn what triggers you, why, and how to handle it like a pro.

  7. Personalized Strategy: Imagine having your own tailored game plan. Know your strengths and weaknesses so you can course-correct with precision.

  8. Mara's Cosmic Toolkit: Benefit from strong intuition and channeling abilities, Color Therapy, Human Design insights, Oracle Cards and so much more. It's like having a secret weapon for success.


Ready to break free and ride your own wave of abundance?

Let's turn your struggles into strengths!

Book Your Energetic Kaleidoscope Session now!


EPIC. The insights this program gave me on my own strengths has been vital in my personal and professional progress.

Mara and her systems help to accentuate personal power, understand how to best utilize my energy and skills, as well as shine light on potential pitfalls, energy suckers, and time wasters. Mara broke down large complex systems and made it simple, actionable, and real. I love it.

Mara holds a safe and comfortable space for exploration, insights, and takes time to help you explore your understanding so it can solidify in your mind. The Strengths Amplifier is insightful and empowering and helps you raising awareness about yourself in such an efficient way!

IMG_3755 - Ryan Dunphy.JPG

Ryan Dunphy

Time Management Guest Speaker & Coach

This was such an enlightening and empowering experience. Gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and how you navigate situations is like gaining a secret code.

Mara made the whole process easy and enjoyable. 

I really enjoyed how friendly and easy it was to connect.

I would highly recommend!

Entrepreneurship is such a big mirror and having this information can help people navigate situations. There is so much mindset an inner work that is needed and this is a great tool to support that.

Sara_Headshot - Sara Rothschild.JPG

Sara Rothschild

Brand Coach & Designer.

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