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Hey, I am here to listen to your story, what's going on and what you're feeling right now.


If you have come across me and you’ve got this far, there is something that resonates with you.

Maybe your intuition wants to tell you something?

If I were you, I would listen..

Let’s have a chat about your dreams and desires, what’s going on and if I can help you.

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The most important of all is deciding, once you do that, it's like you switch on the light!

Something inside of you changes deeply.​

What I love the most about coaching is seeing the transformation of my clients.

Picture a little bird trying to leave the nest.

Now picture the same little bird, flying high in the sky, singing happily.

Don't you feel happy just imaging it?

What about you?..


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Intuitive Reading

Find out what messages your guides wants you to know

We all have some guides.

They can be Angels, Ancestors, Gods & Goddesses, Universe and so on, whatever resonates with you.

Tarots and oracle cards are tools to get some guidance from them about a topic that is dear to you.

My intuition helps me connecting to mi intuition and guidance so that I can provide the messages for you.

The outcome can give you an important insight on how to move forward.

I offer readings of 30 or 60 minutes reading, depending on what you need.

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Your lovely words

Vanessa Wozcniaki 

Portrait Photographer

I started my journey with Mara when I felt I needed to be more focused on my creative career. She helped me turn what I daydreamed about into goals and then work towards my goals.

Fast forward 3 months and I didn’t feel like a failure anymore, I felt I was in the right path.

Mara will bring inspiration to your talks and her positive energy to your life.

I loved working with her and recommend her 100%.

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