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Hello and welcome from your Intuition Queen!

Hi, my name is Mara and I help creative professionals, men and women like you,

to learn to use their intuition, trust it so that they can follow their purpose, whatever that is.

Your intuition is that inner part of yourself that always knows what’s the right thing to do. 

I am sure you have experienced more than once a situation where

something inside of you told you to do or not do something. 

Intuition comes in many forms, it can be a feeling, voice, image,

someone saying something on the street, a song etc etc.

It is a message that you receive that directs you or confirms a direction you wanted to take.

I know that when you follow your intuition, you can’t get wrong.

I know that is true for me but I’ve heard so many other stories and

I see when my clients finally get to a point of true trust in themselves.

I personally have a very strong Intuition and I've learnt it's powerful.

One day while I was working with a friend who is an hypnotherapist and channeled,

she received an intuitive hit and that's how my name came about!

Creativity for me is a direct part of intuition.

When you get a creative idea that works for you, you feel it in your body.

Creativity is also that part of ourselves that helps us healing inner child wounds

because it is related to our emotions. 

And trust me, we are all wounded, we just need to learn how to heal ourselves.

And this is what I am passionate about.

My mission is to help as many people as possible to go past their blocks, fears,

limiting beliefs and reconnect to themselves so that

they can always trust they will know what to do.

I use a holistic approach I believe that we are made of

mental (mind), physical (body) and spiritual (spirit) and everything is connected.

For me, everything that is happening in your life as inter-connected and

therefore it’s never just about one topic.  

I believe that to make the most lasting transformation,

it's extremely important to focus on body, mind and spirit. 

Spirituality is, for me, a very important element within coaching because

it's what helps you to unlock a deeper part of yourself, that will lead you to inner peace,

a great connection to yourself and therefore a better way of living your life.

I have learnt and personally used a lot of different the techniques and

that's why I combine what I feel intuitively guided to use.

You don’t have to be religious to tap into those concepts, nor would be a problem if you are.
Just be open minded and curios, knowing that, you are about to change your life for the better.


Are you struggling with some of the below?

• Motivation
• Feeling like a fraud
• Fear of failure
• Not sure when to speak out
• Not wanting to explain your idea
• Creativity vs money
• Self-sabotage
• Boundaries
• Wanting to be seen but not knowing how
• Self-worth
• Perfectionism
• Feeling persecuted (nobody likes me)
• Feeling too much or too less
• Need help in setting goals and taking action
• Not sure if to listen to your mind or heart

You are in the right place if you feel it’s time to find

peace, power, purpose and fulfilment!


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The intellect has little to do on
the road to discovery.
There comes a leap in consciousness,
call it Intuition or what you will.
The solution comes to you and
you don't know how or why ”

Albert Einstein

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