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Intuitive & Creative Coach

Energy Alchemist for Entrepreneurs

Hello and welcome!

My name is Mara, aka The Intuition Queen.


I am here to help you understand who YOU truly are right NOW,

allow you to reconnect to your intuition, embody your strengths, release emotional, mental and energetic limitations and,

guide you to follow your unique strategy to get you where YOU desire to go.


Every journey is different, following other people's strategy can work for a while but at some point we all hit a moment where we get stuck,

we might feel demotivated, we hit a plateau or simply life happens.

This is because we are born with a unique blue print and until we become aware of it,

we keep jumping from a programme to another, a coach, mentor or strategy to another.


Becoming an entrepreneur, breaking free from a soul sucking job and taking full responsibility for the way you make money and support yourself

and others takes courage, determination and commitment, but they are not enough.


Having a business will put your right in front of your fears and limitations.

Triggers will be everywhere, in the you handle things, make or not make money, in your relationships (especially the one with yourself),

in how you attract clients, in your failures, If you feel good enough, a fraud or knowledgeable enough, and so on.

If you don't know what triggers you, how and why, it will come a point where it will feel too much.

 That's why knowing your blueprint and combining emotional and energetic healing are so important,

for anybody that wishes to break free from a particular situation that kept them stuck or

wants to evolve, upgrade, expand, move forward.

My passion is to help you understand your potential,

guide you to release deep fears, repressed emotions, energetic blocks

so that YOU can finally trust yourself and take action in a way that is aligned to your dreams.

My Intuition is very strong and

I can channel people's energies and emotions.

I also use Colour Therapy, Human Design and Oracle Cards

to guide my clients.


I believe that learning to understand yourself is the most powerful information you can have and use to create the life you want.

Knowing who you are now - not how you think you should be, how you learnt to be or how people or society will want you to be -

nd knowing how you function emotionally and energetically,, your strengths and weaknesses, is what will help you trust your intuition,

so that you can finally stop going against yourself and finally find and follow your natural and personal flow of abundance.


Stop following someone else's rules!


Imagine having your own personal strategy and knowing exactly what are your strengths and weaknesses

so that you can course correct every time you fall out of sync, using the right tools for you.


Want to know more?

Still have questions?

You're meant to follow your unique
flow of abundance!


Is this you?

  • you work hard but struggle to get results in your business

  • after doing great you reached a plateau in your business and you feel stuck, you don't know how to level up

  • you feel connected to your intuition, but often second guess yourself

  • you often feel exhausted, drained and you can't understand why

  • you keep grinding and doing but it makes you more frustrated and tired

  • you often use social media to take a break and end up falling down the rabbit hole 

  • when you're demotivated you keep grinding because you don't want to waste precious time

  • you keep working to feel productive but you end up binge watching, reading or doing other things

  • some times you have spurs of energy, other times you just can't get to work and it frustrates you

  • you want to have a routine, more discipline so that work will be better but you just can't stick to it

  • you keep saying to pick a project and complete it but that feels like the most difficult task 

  • you rarely take time off and when you do you struggle to be present and truly relax and enjoy, because you keep think about what you should be doing

  • if you take time off you feel guilty for not working and "make things happen"

  • you wish you could focus more

  • you are at a crossroad and feel lost, in between what was and what you would it to be but that makes you feel overwhelmed and paralysed

Romantic Vouchers

My colour reading with Mara was fantastic! Not only did she provide me with useful information about my colours, but she also offered many intuitive insights about both my childhood and present circumstances. Now I know which colours over-activate me and which colours bring a sense of calmness & balance to my life. I have loved using these in my wardrobe, my business branding and generally when making decisions about what colours I surround myself with! Thank you Mara, I highly recommend all business owners especially have a reading with Mara. 

Leticia Ringe - Holistic Business coach - Australia

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I scheduled a color reading with Mara. Color has always been important to me but I wondered what it could tell me. Well, it turns out a color reading can tell you a lot! The synchronicity of the colors that Mara came up with matching the ones that I’m drawn to now was so amazing! The colors (and Mara’s expert translation of them) helped me understand more about what I should be working on now; what my life’s mission is and where I’m going if I pay attention to my colors and their advice for me. I loved the reading and highly recommend Mara, whose exceptional intuition and guidance provided me with insights that I hadn’t had before!

Susanna Liller - Author of "The Heroine's journey" and founder of

The School for real- life heroines - USA

Mara's programme is such a unique and valuable offering.  Mara guided me to understand how I can use my colors to deepen my intuition, which is what I was really seeking. Over the months we worked together, Mara and I explored a variety of topics in my life including business. She helped me go from feeling overwhelmed and confused about my business, to peaceful and even excited. Besides the power of personal colors, Mara uses Human Design and oracle card readings to provide inspiration and guidance. I always ended my coaching sessions with Mara feeling so good about life and confident that I was on the right path. Mara's very energetic and fun, and she always made me laugh during our calls! If you're interested in exploring and deepening your intuition, I recommend booking a session with Mara! 

Emily Slachetka - Life Coach - USA

Working with Mara has been so insightful!  During a Human design reading with her, I learned things about myself that will help me be more prosperous in my life and my business. Mara explained my Human Design chart in terms that I could easily understand and I now feel more confident and clear about why I do things in a certain way.

If you are interested in the How and Why, I highly recommend scheduling a Human Design reading with Mara!

Angela Segraves - Intuitive Soul Guide USA

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