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Energy Alchemist 
for Entrepreneurs
and Creative Souls

Hi, I’m Mara Marchesi, aka The Intuition Queen. 

I am a transformative force dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs and creative souls on a journey of empowerment, abundance, and self-discovery. I'm a lot of things, a dynamic and creative life coach, intuitive healer, and gifted psychic, but most of all I’m your catalyst for profound change.

I'll feel into your energy field, bring to the surface all the limitations, fears, and anything that is keeping you to become the most powerful and aligned version of you and alchemise it so that you can finally see and tune into the abundance frequency within you!


I’m specialized in helping entrepreneurs and creative souls break free from the chains of limitation, unleashing their true potential to thrive in both business and life.

You are so much more than you think and you can express your soul's desire unapologetically, once you learn to know yourself and you release all of that no longer serves you!

We all get to a point where we feel stuck, something doesn't go as we wished, we might fee confused and overwhelmed for whatever reason or simply we just don't know what steps to take next. It's normal, it's part of life and it's also the perfect moment to look within.

My mission is very simple: helping creative souls and entrepreneurs reconnect with their intuition, unleash their creative genius on a deeper level and use their life force to truly see their innate and beautiful potential to manifest what they want, move past stuck energy or whatever situation they are in that doesn't allow them to go the next level.

Once you have unlock the fire energy within, tuning into their abundance frequency is going to be, not just possible, but natural and easy!

It's time to Unlock Your Cosmic Potential and Embrace Your Unique Blueprint for a Fun and Fearless Journey to Your Own Flow of Abundance!"

I don't like fitting in, I personally believe there is a variety of qualities, skills, possibilities and frequencies within us that can help us become whole, powerful, inspired, and a life force in our life but way too many time we dim our light.

And you know what, that's ok, we all have our journey here on this planet but I know that, deep within, you want more, you also know that you are capable of more but you don't know what to do, you are afraid to do it.

Whatever your story, know that you can change it. Know that whatever dream you have is there because it's the way your soul is giving you directions to get to where you want to go. 

If you are ready to get to know the Free Spirit within you, you came to the right place!

I'd love to connect with you! Book a free Discovery Call below.

From Free Spirit, to Free Spirit:

It's time to ignite your essence, seize the moment, and unleash your power!

Tune into the frequency of abundance, embrace the journey with flow, and let your free spirit soar to new heights! #EmpowerYourSpirit

Pink Watch

Picture this: reconnecting with your intuition, unleashing your strengths, and kicking those emotional, mental,

and energetic limitations to the curb. It's like a cosmic dance of self-discovery!

Let's get real, every journey is a wild ride.

Sure, following someone else's game plan might work for a bit, but eventually, we all hit a moment where things go wonky.

Life throws curveballs, and we find ourselves stuck, demotivated, or just cruising on a plateau. Why?

Because we're all born with our own unique blueprint, and until we tune into it,

we're just bouncing from program to program, coach to coach, and strategy to strategy.

Now, breaking free from a soul-sucking job or becoming the master of your own money-making destiny takes guts, determination, and a sprinkle of commitment. But, and here's the juicy part, that's not quite enough.


Owning a business or being a creator is like a rollercoaster that puts you face-to-face with fears and limitations. Triggers lurk everywhere – in how you handle things, make money, or even in your relationship with yourself.

But fear not! I'm here to guide you. I'm all about helping you understand your potential, shake off those deep fears, and clear out those pesky energetic roadblocks. Why?

So you can trust yourself, take action, and ride the wave that's perfectly aligned with your dreams.

Trust me, I get it!  – Launching a business can feel like turning on the spotlight for all your fears, doubts, and limitations. Been there, felt that! But guess what? I didn't let those hiccups dim my sparkle.

In fact, I turned them into stepping stones for my dreams, even if it meant waltzing through a galaxy of

tough decisions! So, buckle up, friend!

Let's dance through the challenges and turn your cosmic hurdles into a stellar success story!

I need to warn you though! My intuition game is strong. I can channel energies and emotions like a boss.

Plus, I bring in some Colour Resonance, Human Design wizardry, a dash of Oracle Cards, sparkles of Reiki healing energies and so many others techniques to spice things up.

Romantic Vouchers

My session with Mara was fantastic! Not only did she provide me with useful information about my colours, but she also offered many intuitive insights about both my childhood and present circumstances. Now I know which colours over-activate me and which colours bring a sense of calmness & balance to my life. I have loved using these in my wardrobe, my business branding and generally when making decisions about what colours I surround myself with! Thank you Mara, I highly recommend all business owners especially have a reading with Mara. 

Leticia Ringe - Business & Relationship Coach - Australia

Mara's programme is such a unique and valuable offering.  Mara guided me to understand how I can use my colors to deepen my intuition, which is what I was really seeking. Over the months we worked together, Mara and I explored a variety of topics in my life including business. She helped me go from feeling overwhelmed and confused about my business, to peaceful and even excited. Besides the power of personal colors, Mara uses Human Design and oracle card readings to provide inspiration and guidance. I always ended my coaching sessions with Mara feeling so good about life and confident that I was on the right path. Mara's very energetic and fun, and she always made me laugh during our calls! If you're interested in exploring and deepening your intuition, I recommend booking a session with Mara! 

Emily Slachetka - Life Coach - USA

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I scheduled a session with Mara. Color has always been important to me but I wondered what it could tell me. Well, it turns out a color reading can tell you a lot! The synchronicity of the colors that Mara came up with matching the ones that I’m drawn to now was so amazing! The colors (and Mara’s expert translation of them) helped me understand more about what I should be working on now; what my life’s mission is and where I’m going if I pay attention to my colors and their advice for me. I loved the reading and highly recommend Mara, whose exceptional intuition and guidance provided me with insights that I hadn’t had before!

Susanna Liller - Author of "The Heroine's journey" and founder of

The School for real- life heroines - USA

Working with Mara has been so insightful!  During a session with her, I learned things about myself that will help me be more prosperous in my life and my business. Mara explained my Human Design chart in terms that I could easily understand and I now feel more confident and clear about why I do things in a certain way.

If you are interested in the How and Why, I highly recommend scheduling a Human Design reading with Mara!

Angela Segraves - Intuitive Soul Guide - USA

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