My name is Mara Marchesi but when I work everybody calls me 

The Intuition Queen!

I am an Intuitive & Creative Coach, Color therapy specialist, healer, podcaster and speaker.

Trust your Intuition &
build the free, sexy, fulfilling life you desire,
with colour therapy and other energy techniques.

I have a very specific mission in this life time and it's to help, as many people as possible, especially women, to learn to trust their intuition.

Your intuition is that voice inside of you, that feeling, that nudge, that always knows what's the right thing to do. However, because we have been taught to ignore it, way too often we feel lost, overwhelmed and therefore stuck.

I am here to help you to trust it, trust yourself and follow it, because that's when the magic happens!

When you learn to trust your inner knowing, you will always know what's the best decision for you, which is the right path and that's when manifestation becomes effortless.

No more second guessing yourself, no more allowing other people telling you what to do, no more feeling out of control in your life.

Your intuition is the magic key that will help you manifest what you want and create the life you desire. We all want stability and security in a way, but it's not just a material thing, in order to create wealth, feel free to express ourselves unapologetically and stay in the flow, it's is crucial to know what's going on in your energetic and emotional field, what are your thoughts and beliefs, what is your body trying to tell you?

Learning so much about you will give you the power to transform your life in a way that will go beyond your wildest dreams!

I am not  telling you to impress you, I am only telling you because this is what happened for me and I am grateful every single day for having had the courage to look within and trust my intuition.

That's why I started applying everything I have learnt with my clients and there is no other job I'd rather do. 

I know, easy when someone else talks about it, you are probably asking yourself:

Why are connecting to your intuition and manifestation so difficult?

Why do you feel they don't always work?

Why I feel guilty, uncomfortable, selfish to make decision that will benefit me?

It's simple.

You have emotional and energetic blocks, that often times can became physical issues and those are the reasons that bring you to look outside of yourself. That's exactly how you get disconnected from your inner power.

I am an alchemist and a natural problem solver.

For me it's important to learn and understand who you are, how you function and what are your blockages and triggers so that you can finally release them.

I like to dive deep, but that's probably because I am a cancer sign - sagittarius rising,  life path 8 and a generator in Human Design!

I know, great combo here but I can promise you that transformation is guaranteed!

My philosophy is simple: Doing inner work allows me to understand myself and understand where are my fears coming from, what blocks do I have. This knowledge is important for me to take the next step in the right direction, which is to live the life that I WANT FOR ME. 

I don't know about you but, I really have enough of society, old cultural beliefs, family etc trying to tell me what I should be doing, who should I be based on their fear.

I want to be who I want, and I want to help you be who the fuck you want!! Period.

I use color therapy to help you work on that parts of you that are holding you back.

We all have limiting beliefs, emotional and energetic wounds and if you want to better your life and manifest wealth, freedom, harmony or whatever else you desire,  you need to learn how they play up in your life in order to release them.

I did that for myself and my life changed so so much!

I love helping my clients doing the same and color therapy helps you doing such important inner work with fun. I promise you, it's life changing!

I am a natural problem solver and I like to get to the root of the cause, so that once you understand what's the cause, we can make a plan to release all that no longer serves you.

This is not say that shadow work is easy but, I know from experience that it's much easier than we think and using the healing powers of colors can be a lot of fun.

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Healing ourselves from what causes us pain it's an act of self love and self respect.

Life is so much better and manifestation is so much easier when you know who you are and you know how to communicate with your soul.

My coaching is a mixture of intuitive, creative and holistic techniques.

Color therapy and energy - emotional healing are at the core of my coaching because, I find that working with your energies based on your personal information is the best way to embody your inner power and find your life mission, attracting your soul's desire easily and effortlessly.

You are unique and so should be your communication to yourself and your process to build the life you desire. That's why I don't have a magic formula, I'll tune into your energy and information and we'll create a strategy that is more aligned to your unique personality and energy and because I am intuitive, I go with the flow, depending on what you need, adding up everything new I might learn along the way if I feel will help you.

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The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery.
There comes a leap in consciousness,
call it Intuition or
what you will.
The solution
comes to you
and you don't know
how or why ”

Albert Einstein