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If you are here to learn more about how to connect to your intuition

and learn about how colours can help you to manifest

your soul desires, you are in the right place!

Now tell me do you feel YOU

  • have this deep desire within you to be more, do more, have more but you don’t know how

  • feel the need to make shifts in your life but you are afraid you won’t be able to handle it, to support yourself etc etc..

  • feel you have lost connection with your intuition and you want it back

  • are in the middle of a transitional moment in your life and you have decided it’s time to do you, be you, take care of your soul’s desire

  • are full of ideas and project but when it comes to do something you feel something is holding you back and you can’t figure out why

  • feel you have no support from family and/or friends and this is holding you back but you want to change your life and you know, deep inside that this is the right thing for you to do but..

  • are tired of being asked to play small, tone it down, be less of

  • A big event has happened in your life and you have realised you need a restyle of your life (or area of your life) and you need a bit of help

  • want to feel free to create the life you have always dreamt of

  • want a job that fulfils you, that gives you joy, where you can contribute to make this world a better place

  • want to take back your power and be unapologetic about your own choices and be happy

  • want to create something magical, be that a career or a relationship, that feels your soul with joy and love

  • have started a spiritual journey that has been giving you clues but you need guidance

  • want to learn to make the right decision at any given moment so that your life is going to be easier

  • think it’s time you find your purpose but you don’t know where to start

  • Your mind tends to go in overdrive and you need guidance

  • are an entrepreneur but you feel you have hit a roadblock and despite your skills, your knowledge, you feel confused and out of sort and you know you need to be on top and have clarity to go on

  • colours fascinate you and you want to learn more

  • want to use colour therapy in your life to understand how colours affect your mood and your life and use them properly

  • want to learn what are the colours that are best for you 

I’ve got you girl!

You are in the right place!


I have felt in all of the above ways and I can help you.


This is the reason why I empower women to trust their intuition,

which only means learning to trust yourself fully, unconditionally so that you

can manifest everything you want in life.

I use the power of colours because it's fun and because colours are energies,

like we are. Knowing what colours represent you and how to use colours

based on their characteristics, will help you learn more about yourself

and deepen your connection with your intuition.

I am a cancer sign, emotions are my fuel and I know that at times they can also

throw me off course so I learnt to not let them! 

If I did that, you can too!


Once you learn to trust yourself and the messages that come from your intuition,

you will automatically take that inspired, creative action that raises your vibration

and propels you forward, opening up to the right conditions for you to manifest your vision.

In addition to this, knowing your personal colours through a colour reading

can help you manage yourself and stay tuned in.

Colours are a powerful and energetic force that can affect our mood and the way we perceive things, learning how to use them can help you in difficult situations so that you can always raise your vibration and keep that connection to yourself, and manifest your vision.

Only feeling good, keeping a positive mindset will help you

find your purpose and live a fulfilled life!

Not easy, but totally possible!


I want to be honest though, it requires being willing to work.


The more you do things that you have never done, the more you reframe your thinking,

you get out of your comfort zone, the more your fears will start appearing,

your ego is going to scream louder and will trigger your wounds.


Don’t be afraid, it’s part of the process.


I will be here keeping you on track, as you create your new life,

you add colours to your beautiful self and

you heal that part of you that is holding you back.


I have been through all of this and life gets so much better once you know who you really are,

you'll learn to understand you and most importantly you'll learn to LOVE YOU! (this is huge!)

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You are your power!


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The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery.
There comes a leap in consciousness,
call it Intuition or
what you will.
The solution
comes to you
and you don't know
how or why ”

Albert Einstein

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